Black Starlet (1974)


Chris Munger directed this blaxploitation version of the popular skinflick Starlet! (1969). The story concerns Clara , an aspiring actress from the housing projects of Gary, Indiana, who goes to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. Predictably, she is robbed, betrayed, and must hit the casting couch before her dreams can come true.

Director: Chris Munger.
Writers: Daniel Cady (story), Howard Ostroff.
Stars: Juanita Brown, Eric Mason, Rockne Tarkington, Damu King, Diane Holden, Noah Keen, Al Lewis, James Brodhead, Peter Dane, Don Carrara, Nicholas Worth, Rai Tasco, Marland Proctor, Joe Billings, Crane Jackson, Marilyn Joi, Marlene Selsman, Dennis Foxx, Nick St. Nicholas, Jack Donner, Kip King, Gary Battaglia, Gary Johnson, Emmanuel Thomas, Syd Cassyd, James Paul Vitale, Christopher Sullivan, Randi Kallan, Vera Freeman.


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One Comment

  1. blax
    January 18, 2022

    Amazing! A very good and rarely seen Blaxploitation picture. I dropped a tear watching it!

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