The Efficiency Expert (1991) Originally released as "Spotswood"


Errol Wallace is an efficiency expert, managing the high-profile downsizing of a major auto parts factory. But when he is hired to evaluate a small moccasin factory which seems to be from another era, Errol has to reconsider the rapid modernization he advocates, as he is confronted by the human faces such plans hurt.

Director: Mark Joffe.
Writers: Max Dann, Andrew Knight.
Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Alwyn Kurts, Toni Collette, Bruno Lawrence, John Walton, Angela Punch McGregor, Russell Crowe, Rebecca Rigg, Dan Wyllie, John Flaus, Gary Adams, Jeff Truman, Toni Lamond, Jillian Murray, Jacob Kino, Rosie Sturgess, Nathan Croft, Lesley Baker.

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