Po di sangui (1996) AKA Tree of Blood


In Amanha Lundju, the trees planted upon the birth of each child begin falling rapidly and mysteriously. Led by the tradition healer, Calcalado, the villagers begin a desert exodus in search of the cause of their curse and discover they must return home to fight for their traditions and their old way of life.

Director: Flora Gomes. AKA Tree of Blood
Writers: Anita Fernández, Flora Gomes.
Stars: Dulcenia Bidjanque, Djuco Bodjan, Dadu Cisse, Edna Evora, Bia Gomes, Adama Kouyaté, Ramiro Naka.


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  1. Bernard Ntahondi
    October 2, 2022

    Fantastic film. I highly recommend

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