Lumière (1976)


Sarah, an actress nearing 40, has invited the woman who has been her best friend for 16 years and two younger women to her vacation retreat in Provence. There are the simple pleasures of lounging in adjacent hammocks, the sun, the food, conversations about men. This is prologue for what happened a year ago in Paris with a man Sarah has long taken for granted as a platonic friend. She had just finished a film, also finishing her liaison with the director, and was about to get an award and start work on a new film and begin a romance with a German writer.

Director: Jeanne Moreau.
Writer: Jeanne Moreau.
Stars: Jeanne Moreau, Francine Racette, Caroline Cartier, Lucía Bosé, Keith Carradine, François Simon, Bruno Ganz, Niels Arestrup, René Féret, Francis Huster, Patrice Alexsandre, Jacques Spiesser, Chloé Caillat, Marie Henriau, Hermine Karagheuz, Carole Lange, Gunilla Persson, Melusine Shamber, Laurence Schuman, Monique Tarbès, Georges Wod, Paul Bisciglia, Jean-Louis Broust, Anders Holmquist, Patrick Lancelot, Jérôme Laperrousaz, Pascal Laperrousaz, Patrick Laval, Gérard Lorin.

1976 Chicago Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.


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    September 17, 2021

    Oh, WOW! THE GODDESS by and for HERSELF (and the rest of us) TYVM !

  2. Tveitt Irgens
    September 18, 2021

    Jeanne Moreau!?!?!? WOW! Never heard of this one. Thanks!

  3. William
    September 19, 2021

    I’ve been wanting to see this for years! Thanks so much for locating a print.

    September 20, 2021

    I’d like to add here that anyone — such as myself — who was put off by the critical trashing this got on its first outing might want to give it another chance/second look. It isn’t great by film making standards. In fact at points, it isn’t even particularly “Good”. In the face of Moreau’s exceptional Intelligence which she had in spades, none of that really matters. She tells a tale well worth telling from a standpoint few know as well as she does (did). She also knew how to choose the derivatives when her own resources couldn’t provide them. No mean feat there either. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to see this, Jon. I’m so glad I saw it. I’ve been thinking about it alot . . .

  5. Daria
    November 15, 2021

    The copy was out of focus, unwatchable,

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