Antonio (1973)


While driving through a small Chilean fishing village on his way to the capital, an American millionaire’s new Mercedes-Benz breaks down. In a hurry to get to his destination–and to dodge his ex-wife, who’s hot on his trail–he gives the car to Antonio, a poor potter who befriends him, and heads out to Santiago by bus. Antonio finds that, contrary to his expectations, owning the expensive new car winds up causing him nothing but trouble, and he decides to find the American in Santiago and return the car to him. Complications ensue.

Director: Claudio Guzmán.
Writers: Claudio Guzmán, Marvin Walkenstein.
Stars: Trini López, Larry Hagman, Noemí Guerrero, Pedro Becker, Luis Gonzalez, Marvin Walkenstein, Luis González, Patricio López C., Nena Campbell, Silvia Rivera, Juan Collado, Manuel Antonio González, María Eugenia Becker, Simón Morales, Alonso Venegas, Elena Moreno, Liliana Ross, Francisco Flores del Campo, Tomás Vidiella.


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