The Big Freeze (1993)


Two accident-prone plumbers go to fix the plumbing at a home for retired gentle-folk on the coldest day of the year in Finland. Everything that can go wrong for these plumbers goes wrong.

Director: Eric Sykes.
Writers: Susan Morrall, Eric Sykes.
Stars: Bob Hoskins, Eric Sykes, Eila Roine, Donald Pleasence, Raija Laakso, Sonja Lumme, John Mills, Spike Milligan, Sylvi Salonen, Hellin Auvinen-Salmi, Helinä Viitanen, Erkki Thil, Gabriel Laszlo, Hannes Anttila, Gunnar Strommer, Lasse Tiilkainen, Ransu Alhoniemi.


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