The American Success Company (1980)


Harry Flowers is routinely humiliated both at home and at work (the German offices of an American credit card company). Fed up, he hires prostitute Corinne to help him gain revenge on his quirky wife Sarah and her father/his boss, the overbearing Mr. Elliott — all while enriching himself financially.

Director: William Richert.
Writers: Larry Cohen, William Richert.
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Belinda Bauer, Ned Beatty, Steven Keats, Bianca Jagger, John Glover, Mascha Gonska, Michael Durrell, Eva Maria Meineke, Gunter Meisner, David Allen Brooks, Marie Bardischewski, Judith Brown, Claudia Butenuth, Sebastian Baur.

Captions available, to turn them on click on the cogwheel, select the last option, then click on “En”.


Note: The director re-titled and re-released the film as “American Success” in 1981 and then again as “Success” (with a new voiceover narration) in 1983, I believe this is the original 1980 cut.

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