Little Treasure (1985)


Margo is an ex-stripper who meets her long, lost father in Mexico. She looks after him in the waning days of his life, with the help of a traveling projectionist. The father passes away, telling of the loot from a botched bank robbery that he buried years earlier. The two get jobs in town as their relationship grows and they search for the treasure on the weekends. But while the treasure seems to bring them together, it also seems to be tearing them apart.

Director: Alan Sharp.
Writer: Alan Sharp.
Stars: Margot Kidder, Ted Danson, Burt Lancaster, Joseph Hacker, Malena Doria, John Pearce, Gladys Holland, Bill Zuckert, Leonor Llausás, Rodolfo De Alexandre, Enrique Lucero.

Captions available, to turn them on click on the cogwheel, select the last option, click on “EN”.


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