La demoiselle sauvage (1991) AKA The Savage Woman


After narrowly escaping death in a violent confrontation, a traumatized young woman flees to the mountains, where she wanders aimlessly for days. She is discovered by a man who helps her regain her strength, and who eventually earns her confidence. Amid this idyllic setting they soon fall in love, but their happiness does not last for long- the police are hunting a young woman accused of murder.

Director: Léa Pool. AKA The Savage Woman
Writers: S. Corinna Bille (short story), Laurent Gagliardi, Michel Langlois (dialogue and screenplay), Léa Pool.
Stars: Patricia Tulasne, Matthias Habich, Roger Jendly, Michel Voïta, Séverine Bujard, Lenie Scoffié, Jonas Pool, Sylvain Pool, Bernard Lamy.


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  1. Chris Davie
    October 2, 2022

    A film that makes the Wacky Races look believable…A brilliant idea poorly constructed.

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