Escape to Witch Mountain (1995)


In this re-make of the famous 1974 film the story is retold of humanoid alien twin babies who are found near a mysterious mountain. Accidentally separated, they grow up in the same town not knowing each other exists. Just as they discover their relationship, an unscrupulous local entrepreneur decides to use their supernatural powers to make himself rich. Only the mountain’s mysterious powers can save them.

Director: Peter Rader.
Writers: Clifford Goldsmith, Don Hartman (original story & screenplay)
Stars: Robert Vaughn, Elisabeth Moss, Erik Von Detten, Vincent Schiavelli, Brad Dourif, Sam Horrigan, Lynne Moody, Perrey Reeves, Lauren Tom, Henry Gibson, Bobby Motown, Kevin Tighe, Brad Dourif, John Petlock, Beth Colt, Daniel Lavery, Jeffrey Lampert, Ray Lykins.


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