The Fickle Finger of Fate (1967) Original title: "El dedo del destino".


The “Fickle Finger of Fate” is one of a pair of priceless religious art icons. This comedy centers around an American engineer who is just about ready to leave Madrid when it is discovered that his suitcase contains one of the missing fingers. The authorities suspect that his suitcase was switched. The engineer begins assisting in the search for the other finger. The prime suspects are five winners of a beauty contest. As he looks, he runs across a murder and a kidnapping.

Director: Richard Rush. AKA El dedo del destino
Writers: Jim Henaghan & Aurelio López Monis (screenplay and story).
Stars: Tab Hunter, Luis Prendes, Gustavo Rojo, Fernando Hilbeck, Ralph Brown, Pedro Mari Sánchez, Elsa Skolinstad, Patty Shepard, Alejandra Nilo, Andrea Lascelles, May Heatherly.


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