Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden (1996)


A young boy goes to spend the summer with his aunts in the South. He finds himself drawn to Jessica, who the other aunts describe as “slow,” and he eventually discovers there’s more to Jessica and his other aunts than meets the eye.

Director: Bob Clark.
Writers: Tim Cagney.
Stars: Mary Tyler Moore, Linda Lavin, Nathan Watt, Wayne Grace, Shirley Knight, Paul Winfield, Allison Mack, Martin Hundley, Christopher Jones, McKenzie LaCoss, Deborah Knox, Emily Caitlin Bivins, Robert C. Johnson, Grayce Spence, David Lenthall, George Lee, Jemila Ericson, Kate Finlayson, Deacon Dawson, Duke Ernsberger, Larry Parks, Melissa Bickerton.


Note: DLed from Youtube. Many thanks to Chris for the help removing the commercials.

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