Mutya ng Pasig (1950)


Mutya ng Pasig, directed by Richard Abelardo, is a supernatural melodrama of a woman’s misfortune and suffering interwoven with the legend of the Pasig. The legend itself is inspired by the immortal kundiman of the director’s brother, Nicanor Abelardo. The movie, released in 1950, starred screen legends Jose Padilla, Jr., Rebecca Gonzales, Teody Belarmino and Delia Razon.

Mercedes, aside from being the town’s current mutya (fiesta queen), is about to be married to his childhood sweetheart. Unknown to them, Dr. Modesto Millar, is also secretly in love with Mercedes. One night, Modesto’s house is robbed and the blame is placed on Mercedes’ groom-to-be. He is arrested and imprisoned after which Modesto courts Mercedes and eventually marries her. When the former fiancé is finally released, gossip spreads about him and Mercedes.

Director: Richard Abelardo.
Writers: Nicanor Abelardo (composition “Mutya ng Pasig”), Mar S. Torres (serialized in “Sinag-Tala”).
Stars: Jose Padilla Jr., Rebecca Gonzales, Teody Belarmino, Delia Razon, Roger Nite, Lily Miraflor, Tony Dantes, Pat Salvador, Tolindoy, Angge.


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