Sezonat na kanarchetata (1993) AKA Canary Season


It’s 1980. Malin is fatherless, angry, and in trouble. At 20, he’s spent a year in jail for assaulting a lover of Lily, his mother. In her desk he finds a soldier’s photograph and assumes he’s found his father. He confronts the man, now a teacher, and gets nowhere. At home again, he mocks his mother. Finally, she tells him her grim story, from the year before his birth. We see a people’s court, where Lily’s parents seek justice for their grandchild to be. We follow Lily to a prison camp, to the city where she’s told to inform on the only person who’s been kind, to an asylum, and finally to her current poverty and loneliness. How will Malin respond to these revelations?

Director: Evgeni Mihailov (as Eugeny Mihaylov). AKA Canary Season
Writer: Nikolai Valchinov.
Stars: Paraskeva Djukelova, Plamena Getova, Mikhael Dontchev, Petar Popyordanov, Michail Alexandrov, Ani Vulchanova, Plamen Sirakov, Veselin Vulkov, Eleftery Elefterov, Nevena Kokanova, Ivo Siromahov, Radoslav Blazhev, Nikolai Urumov, Pavel Angelov, Anna Gelinova.

Bulgaria’s official submission for the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category of the 66th Academy Awards in 1994.


Note: Big, big thanks once again to my friend Steve for making this upload possible.

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