This Is the Life (1935)


During a break before another grueling performance, precocious musical sensation Geraldine “Gerry” Revier meets Michael Grant, an apparent tramp on the run from the law. When Grant explains his plan to travel to California to clear his name, Gerry sees her chance to escape from her exploitative adoptive parents, Ed and Diane. After sneaking off, Grant finds that Gerry has accompanied him — with her dastardly parents in hot pursuit.

Director: Marshall Neilan.
Writers: Lamar Trotti (screenplay) and Arthur T. Horman (screenplay) (as Arthur Horman), Sid Brod & Lou Breslow (adaptation), C. Graham Baker (story), Gene Towne (story), Nan Blair (contributor to treatment), Byron Morgan (contributor to treatment), Gertrude Purcell (contributor to screenplay construction).
Stars: Jane Withers, John McGuire, Sally Blane, Sidney Toler, Gloria Roy, Gordon Westcott, Francis Ford, Emma Dunn.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    April 20, 2021

    Another of the tough 20th Fox Jane Withers films, a formula B film style that was very familiar to audiences of the 1930’s. But at 63 minutes, the pacing is crisp & the script stays out of the narrative’s way. Once again, as in other Withers films, the supporting cast with Toler & Francis Ford (John’s older brother) and Sally Blane who is a dead ringer for her sister (Loretta Young), the players sparkle. For me, the talented Ms. Withers handles a song & dance well, but her emoting is a bit over the top. Still a rare film for which Jon Rarefilmm we thank you!

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