The Rat Race (1960)


Pete Hammond Jr. is a friendly saxophonist who leaves his life in Milwaukee to try and hit it big in New York City. When Pete arrives, he finds that music gigs are hard to come by, and he is forced to live in a dilapidated single-room apartment. He soon meets Peggy Brown, a talented performer who makes a living as a model and dancer. When Peggy is unable to pay her rent, she reluctantly accepts an offer from Pete to share his apartment.

Director: Robert Mulligan.
Writers: Garson Kanin (screenplay), Garson Kanin (play), John Michael Hayes (uncredited).
Stars: Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Oakie, Don Rickles, Kay Medford, Marjorie Bennett, Norman Fell, Hal K. Dawson, Lisa Drake, Sam Butera, Joe Bushkin, Gerry Mulligan.


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