I Love N.Y. (1987)


Photographer Mario Cotone is hired to cover a big N.Y. actor. When his pretty daughter Nicole Yeats (N.Y.) and Mario fall in love, this angers her father and hurts Mario’s work which further infuriates his boss. Will love prevail?

Director: Gianni Bozzacchi (as Alan Smithee).
Writer: Gianni Bozzacchi (as Alan Smithee).
Stars: Scott Baio, Christopher Plummer, Kelly Van der Velden, Jennifer O’Neill, Jerry Orbach, Virna Lisi, John Armstead, Lisanne Falk, Jusak Bernhard, Morgan Most, Cyrus Elias, Mickey Knox, Penny Brown, John Karlsen, Eve Slatner, Larry Dolgin, David Ciminello, Stefanie Kahn, Joyce Phillips, Larry Attile, Steven Van Cleef, J. Allen Suddeth, Bobby DeAngelo, Shawn O’Neil, Robert Sommer.


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