Hellfire (1949)


Zeb Smith is a gambler with a larcenous streak, but when an itinerant preacher takes a bullet meant for him, Zeb vows to fulfill the preacher’s mission of building a church. Frustrated in his attempts to get donations, Zeb attempts to capture fugitive Doll Brown in order to obtain the reward. But he finds that there’s more to Doll than meets the eye. When his old friend Bucky McLean shows up gunning for Doll, Zeb sees a chance to redeem them all… one way or another.

Director: R.G. Springsteen.
Writers: Dorrell McGowan, Stuart E. McGowan (as Stuart McGowan).
Stars: Bill Elliott, Marie Windsor, Forrest Tucker, Jim Davis, H.B. Warner, Paul Fix, Grant Withers, Emory Parnell, Esther Howard, Jody Gilbert, Louis Faust, Harry Woods, Denver Pyle, Trevor Bardette, Dewey Robinson, Harry Tyler.


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  1. Juan Martin
    August 31, 2021

    Wow thanks! This film and directed was named in Quentin Tarantino last movie and book Once upon a time in Hollywood. So I´m real glad to have the chance to found it, and your page is awesome!!

  2. Eric Wall
    June 27, 2023

    We ride for the Lord!

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