Always in Trouble (1938)


Arranging to leave her father J.C. Darlington behind, frisky teenager Jerry convinces Pete Graham, from her father’s New York office, to pilot the family yacht. They’re recently rich, but thoroughly spoiled, including Jerry’s mother, Uncle Ed and attractive older sister Virginia; however, a mishap strands them on an island where they’re held captive by a band of smugglers.

Director: Joseph Santley.
Writers: Robert Chapin (screenplay), Karen DeWolf (screenplay) (as Karen De Wolf), Jefferson Moffitt (original story) (as Jeff Moffitt), Albert Treynor (original story).
Stars: Jane Withers, Jean Rogers, Arthur Treacher, Robert Kellard, Eddie Collins, Andrew Tombes, Nana Bryant, Joan Woodbury, Joe Sawyer, Charles Lane, Pat Flaherty.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    April 19, 2021

    Since I am now a cranky old man, I can no longer appreciate old films that show smart children outwitting dumb adult criminals for the benefit of Depression Era audiences in need of laughter. That being said, the cast of ALWAYS IN TROUBLE work hard to make this Jane Withers B programmer worth watching. Fox has been one of the last major studios to release their backlog of classic older movies so the chance to see any of their older stuff is a real treat! You can see where they cut costson this, but the cast displays lots of energy to hurry it along. It is a joy to watch Charles Lane as a tough shyster lawyer & Joe Sawyer as a love-sick baboon. Thanks Jon for showing these rare Jane Withers!.

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