Tarantella (1995)


Diana, a young Italian-American photographer, returns to the city in which she grew up in order to settle her mother’s estate. She had not gotten along well with her mother in recent years. While packing up the house, she meets a close friend of her mother’s and grandmother’s, who gives her her mother’s last gift. As she learns more about her mother’s history, Diana comes to terms with their relationship and her own Italian heritage.

Director: Helen De Michiel.
Writers: Helen De Michiel, Richard Hoblock.
Stars: Mira Sorvino, Rose Gregorio, Matthew Lillard, Frank Pellegrino, Stephen Spinella, Maryann Urbano, Antonia Rey, Melissa Maxwell, Magda Lang, Sean Baldwin, Derek Vontreras, A.J. Lopez, Gaetano Lisco, Carol Dante, Andrew M. Fuchs, Andrew A. Fuchs, August R. Bond.


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