Sedmi kontinent (1966) AKA The Seventh Continent


A group of children discover the new continent of the world, uninhabited by adults. Soon, many other children are joining them in that new paradise, leaving their parents and other adults baffled on all remaining continents.

Director: Dusan Vukotic. AKA The Seventh Continent.
Writers: Ruzena Fisher (story), Andro Lusicic, Vladislav Novak, Dusan Vukotic.
Stars: Demeter Bitenc, Karla Chadimová, Vanja Drach, Oudy Rachmat Endang, Imrich Fabry, Ivan Folkman, Dusan Gabura, Miklas Huba, Ján Kubán, Jindrich Láznicka, Antun Nalis, Tomislav Pasaric, Hermina Pipinic, Abdoulaye Seck, Josef Sikuta, Viktor Starcic, Karol Viceník, Iris Vrus, Stefan Winkler, Dano Zivojinovic.


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  1. Michael
    March 6, 2021

    film for all. Many thanks Jon

  2. January 13, 2024

    Film of my childhood, I’ve seen it again today, after 55 years.

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