Monday After the Miracle (1998)


Movie based on the true story of Helen Keller, now an adult, and her teacher, Annie Sullivan. Their close relationship is threatened when John Macy, a caring young professor at the college Helen attends, comes between them. John and Annie fall in love and marry and the two women must choose what is more important — the love between a man and woman or the bond between the two of them.

Director: Daniel Petrie.
Writers: William Gibson (play), Deena Goldstone (teleplay).
Stars: Roma Downey, Moira Kelly, Christina Pickles, Mike Doyle, Tom Bower, Billy Campbell, Peggy Freisen, T. Max Graham, Jennifer Mays, David Rees Snell, Brian Paulette, Michael Linsley Rapport, Glenn Q. Pierce, Dana Vranic, Nick Schlyer, Dean Vivian, Bob Denison, Kyla Pratt.


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