Beyond Reason (1970) [Upgrade]


Nuclear war breaks out and the staff and patients of a mental hospital take refuge in an underground bunker and accidentally get locked in. Discipline soon disintegrates and the patients, led by Richard, start to resist authority. Richard devises a scheme for a new social order where the sane will take no part.

Director: Giorgio Mangiamele.
Writers: Robert Garlick & Oriel Gray (script), Giorgio Mangiamele, Gregory Walsh (based on an idea by).
Stars: George Dixon, Maggie Copeland, Rey Fellows, Louise Hall, Ollie Vens-Kevics.


Note: Still not superb quality but at least there’s no timecode stamped on this copy which I always find very annoying.

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  1. Nick
    February 20, 2021

    Thanks very much, for this very obscure movie made in Australia when feature length movies weren’t made that often. Best, Nick

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