Mexicana (1945) [Upgrade]


In this musical comedy, a popular Mexican singer finds himself tiring of the constant adulation of rabidly adoring females and decides to fake a marriage so that will stop ripping the clothing off his body after concerts. Unfortunately, he and the woman he chooses seldom agree and mayhem ensues. Songs include: “Mexicana,” “Lupita,” “See Mexico,” “Heartlessness,” “Time Out for Dreaming,” “De Corazon a Corazon,” “Somewhere There’s a Rainbow,” and “The Children’s Song.”

Director: Alfred Santell.
Writer: Frank Gill Jr. (story and screenplay).
Stars: Tito Guízar, Constance Moore, Leo Carrillo, Estelita Rodriguez, Howard Freeman, Steven Geray, Jean Stevens, Bobby Barber, Maria Valadez, Martin Garralaga, Carla Menet, Alma Beltran, Juan Torena, Julian Rivero.


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