Un zoo la nuit (1987) AKA Night Zoo


When Marcel gets out of jail, his first order of business is to set things right with his estranged father, Albert, who is in failing health. His second goal is to reconnect with his old girlfriend, Julie, who now works in a strip club. As he tries to get his life back on track — and hopes to recover a pile of money his father secretly stashed — Marcel must contend with two crooked cops who are on his trail and also interested in the cash.

Director: Jean-Claude Lauzon. AKA Night Zoo.
Writer: Jean-Claude Lauzon.
Stars: Gilles Maheu, Roger Lebel, Corrado Mastropasqua, Lorne Brass, Germain Houde, Jerry Snell, Lynne Adams, Anna-Maria Giannotti, Nereo Lorenzi, Nicolas Clarizio, Vincent Ierfino, Amulette Garneau, Luc Proulx, Jean-Pierre Saulnier, Jean Pierre Bergeron, Dominique Michel, Denys Arcand.


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  1. Jonathan Shapiro
    December 27, 2020

    Jean-Claude Lazon’s career was so remarkable. Just two features, and both are absolutely essential works of Quebecois cinema. We lost him far, far too soon

  2. Michael
    December 29, 2020

    Jean-Claude Lazon only made 2 remarkable films (NIGHT ZOO and LEOLO) when he died in a plane crash. great loss to cinema. Both films should be seen by all. Thanks Jon for uploading Night Zoo

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