Storm Over Lisbon (1944) [Upgrade]


Deresco owner of a night club in neutral Portugal, works a free-lance spy for everybody who can afford his price. He tries to get information from US agent John Craig with help from immigrant dancer Maritza, but she falls in love with him. Craig becomes a special “guest” at Deresco’s casino, but there you can’t be sure of the occupation of everybody, as well as in their political intention…

Director: George Sherman.
Writers: Doris Gilbert (screenplay), Dane Lussier (adaptation), Elizabeth Meehan (story).
Stars: Vera Ralston, Erich von Stroheim, Richard Arlen, Robert Livingston, Eduardo Ciannelli, Mona Barrie, Otto Kruger, Sarah Edwards, Alice Fleming, Ruth Roman, Kenne Duncan, The Aida Broadbent Girls.


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