Heart Full of Soul (1990)


Tired of the hellhole of modern urban life, a hard-boiled crime reporter goes home to small town Texas to visit his estranged brother.

Director: Eagle Pennell.
Writers: Steven McVicker, Eagle Pennell.
Stars: Jim Barham, Hi Bice, Terry Cochran, Allen Dorris, Robert Erickson, Kirk Farris, Tim Fleck, Sonny Holly, John Hunt, Kathleen Manikowski, Kent Marshall, Steven Mattila, Lynn Miller Jr., John Perry, De Linn Pfister, Mario Quines, Geoff Russell, Tom Sims, Adam Skjonsby, Ken Watkins, Henry Wideman, Kevin Wiggins.


Note: Movie starts at 6:13, first few minutes contain an introduction to the film, including a clip from Pennell’s 1983 film “Last Night at the Alamo”. VHS copy recorded off a Houston public access channel in the early 90s.

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