Le révolutionnaire (1965) AKA The Revolutionary


In this satire of Latin American revolutionaries, a dozen young French-Canadian men travel from the city to a secluded farmhouse in rural Quebec during the dead of winter. Under the command of an authoritarian leader, they train and prepare to change the world with their own revolution. While studying Canadian history and learning guerrilla warfare, a young woman fleeing her husband is discovered nearby by the crazed leader. The leader becomes enamored with the woman, who causes him to forget his purpose and give in to his individualistic needs.

Director: Jean Pierre Lefebvre. AKA The Revolutionary
Writer: Jean Pierre Lefebvre.
Stars: Louis St-Pierre, Louise Rasselet, Alain Chartrand, Robert Daudelin, Michel Gauthier, René Goulet, Pierre Hébert, Camil Houle, Richard Lacroix, André Leduc, Réal Leduc, Jacques Monette, Michel Patenaude, Jean-Pierre Payette, Christian Rasselet, Yves Robillard, Jean-Pierre Roy, Jean-Guy Simard, Jacques Soublière, André Théberge.


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