Paid to Dance (1937) AKA Hard to Hold


Government undercover agents William Dennis and Joan Bradley are working to solve the disappearances of girls working as “taxi-dancers” from dance halls operated by Jack Miranda and his henchman Nifty. Dennis sets himself up as a theatrical booking agent, and shows his power by the opening and closing of Miranda’s Paradise Club at will.

Director: Charles C. Coleman (as C.C. Coleman Jr.). AKA Hard to Hold
Writers: Leslie T. White (story), Robert E. Kent (screenplay).
Stars: Don Terry, Julie Bishop, Rita Hayworth, Arthur Loft, Paul Fix, Paul Stanton, Louise Stanley, Ralph Byrd, Beatrice Curtis, Bess Flowers, Beatrice Blinn, Jane Hamilton, Dick Curtis, Al Herman, Thurston Hall, Horace McMahon.



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