Marvin & Tige (1983) AKA Like Father and Son


Down-on-his-luck widower Marvin meets Tige, an 11-year-old boy distraught in the wake of his mother’s death. Despite a rocky introduction, Marvin soon develops a close bond with the youngster and decides to adopt him. But, because the vagrant Marvin is financially unstable, he is unable to adequately care for the child. So Tige’s biological father, Richard, who is unaware of his son’s existence, is located and asked to take care of the boy.

Director: Eric Weston. AKA Like Father and Son.
Writer: Frankcina Glass (novel), Wanda Dell (screenplay), Eric Weston (screenplay).
Stars: John Cassavetes, Billy Dee Williams, Gibran Brown, Denise Nicholas, Fay Hauser, Georgia Allen, Jerry Penson, Charles Darden, May K. Pearce, Lou Walker, Rob Harke, Danny Nelson, Je Nie Fleming, Frank Hart, Tami Dash.



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