Lacrima Christi (1980)


Lacrima Christi, third part of the tetralogy Le Corps de la Passion (The Body of the Passion, 1977-1980), is inspired by Christian mythology, from which it draws a creative transformation force, in a search for identity that questions the two cultures to which the filmmaker belonged.

Director: Teo Hernandez.
Writer: Teo Hernandez (scenario).
Stars: Gaël Badaud, Jakobois, Pascal Martin, Stéphane Monclaire, Michel Nedjar.


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  1. October 14, 2021

    Thank you, Jon, for another Rarefilmm (truly) upload. The religious/spiritual-sounding title drew me to this one (i am nearly finished compiling a book on spirituality in film), but i have to give this one two thumbs down. Yes, it’s extremely “experimental,” but not of the “art-house” kind– more like the utterly bonkers “mad-house” kind.

    Seriously, i think one could incur BRAIN-DAMAGE (no joke!) trying to watch and visually & cognitively process and assimilate any of this at normal-speed viewing in front of a sizeable screen for anything more than 4 or 5 minutes.
    The whirling, jerky camera movements and the piled-on quick-cut quivering editing style easily triggers a Sympathetic Nervous System overload (the fight-flight-freeze stress response), rather than a flowing, calm, contemplative mode created by the Parasympathetic Nervous System..

    I downsized the screen on my laptop and used the forward arrow on the keyboard to skip along and just sample a few seconds every 10 seconds and only curiosity got me to the 40 minute mark (within several minutes)… And this “film” goes on until the 2 hr 15 min finish? I skipped through the last 10 minutes just to make sure i wasn’t missing anything.
    My God, someone genetically prone to it could either 1) go completely schizophrenic watching just 20 minutes of this, or else 2) incur a brain seizure.

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