Homebodies (1974)


A quiet, elderly group of pensioners discover that their homes are scheduled to be demolished in order to make way for a block of flats. Their attempts to discourage the developers soon escalates from dissuasion to murder as they begin to rid themselves of both the developers and construction workers by any means necessary.

Director: Larry Yust.
Writers: Howard Kaminsky, Bennett Sims & Larry Yust (screenplay).
Stars: Peter Brocco, Frances Fuller, William Hansen, Ruth McDevitt, Paula Trueman, Ian Wolfe, Linda Marsh, Douglas Fowley, Kenneth Tobey, Wesley Lau, Norman Gottschalk, Ireene Webster, Nicholas Lewis, Michael Johnson, Alma Du Bus, John Craig, Eldon Quick, William ‘Billy’ Benedict, Joseph DeMeo.


asdNote: Many thanks to John W. for sending me a copy of this movie, not the best quality but better than others I’ve seen around.

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  1. Jon P
    February 3, 2021

    I’m finally back with a decent connection to enjoy your renewed site! Had to check what was new on here since you last closed up. This is an old fav, I have a copy already but this quality is a little better.

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