Evening in Byzantium (1978)


While the prestigious Cannes Film Festival goes on around him, American movie producer Jesse Craig struggles to develop a pitch-worthy thriller about a terrorist plot. Before long, Craig becomes concerned that a shocking act of real-life terrorism already may be underway. Meanwhile, radical actor Bret Easton works in cahoots with a group of extremists to coordinate the hijacking of a trio of passenger planes in a devastating, multi-city nuclear attack.

Director: Jerry London.
Writers: Glen A. Larson, Irwin Shaw, Michael Sloan.
Stars: Glenn Ford, Eddie Albert, Vince Edwards, Patrick Macnee, Gregory Sierra, Harry Guardino, Simon Oakland, Michael Cole, Gloria DeHaven, Marcel Hillaire, Len Birman, George Lazenby, Erin Gray, Shirley Jones, Christian Marquand, Lee Bergere, James Booth, Cynthia Ford, Anthony Costello, William Dozier, Nick Dyrenforth, George Skaff, Sid Haig, Ben Frommer, Chris Winfield, Carol Baxter, Edward James Olmos, Byron Morrow.


Note: Originally shown on OPT (Operation Prime Time) in two episodes, this is the 2 eps merged in one file, quality is not very good but it’s all there is available it seems, if I’m able to find a better copy in the future I’ll upgrade it. 

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