De boezemvriend (1982) AKA The Bosomfriend


A quack dentist is mistaken by a corrupt Dutch Colonel for one of Napoleons Inspector Generals during Napoleons occupation in 1811. What follows is a hilarious feast of similar misunderstandings and is only meant for those with a good sense of humor.

Director: Dimitri Frenkel Frank. AKA The Bosomfriend
Writers: Dimitri Frenkel Frank, Nikolay Gogol (play) (as Nikolai Gogol).
Stars: André van Duin, Leen Jongewaard, Geert de Jong, Manouk van der Meulen, Henk Rejn, Jerome Reehuis, Connie Breukhoven, Corrie van Gorp, Frans van Dusschoten, Hans Leendertse, Ischa Meijer, Frans Mulder, Hannah de Leeuwe, Maeve van der Steen, Tetske van Ossewaarde, Marjolein Sligte, André Hazes, Manke Nelis.



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