An Eye for an Eye (1966)


Ex-bounty hunter Talion comes home one day to find his house ablaze and his entire family slaughtered. He soon learns that the culprits are a gang led by nasty Ike Slant. While tracking the outlaws, Talion meets fellow bounty hunter Benny, who’s also after Ike. Initially mistrustful of each another, Benny and Talion are forced to work together when, during a shootout with the criminals, the latter is blinded and the former injures his shooting hand.

Director: Michael D. Moore (as Michael Moore).
Writers: Bing Russell, Sumner Williams.
Stars: Robert Lansing, Patrick Wayne, Slim Pickens, Gloria Talbott, Paul Fix, Strother Martin, Clint Howard, Rance Howard, Henry Wills, Jerry Gatlin.



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