The Funeral (1996)


In the Bronx during the Depression, this crime drama centers on three Italian-American brothers and their family crime tradition. After Johnny is shot, volatile Chez and logical Ray are left to seek revenge on their brother. But the brothers begin to wonder if they can escape their criminal traditions.

Director: Abel Ferrara.
Stars: Christopher Walken, Benicio del Toro, Vincent Gallo, Chris Penn, Isabella Rossellini, Annabella Sciorra, Amber Smith, Gretchen Mol, John Ventimiglia, Victor Argo, Edie Falco, David Patrick Kelly, Chuck Zito, John ‘Cha Cha’ Ciarcia, Paul Hipp, Dmitri Prachenko, Robert Miano, Frank John Hughes.

1996 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


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  1. Phil
    January 17, 2021

    The aspect ratio appears to be screwed up on this one.

    • Jon W.
      January 24, 2021

      Why do you say so, Phil? I just checked and the AR for this one is 1.85:1 just like it says it should be on IMDb, unless IMDb is wrong.

    • April 13, 2021

      I am also seeing this squished into the middle of the screen….

      • Jon W.
        April 13, 2021

        Yeah I’ve found out why that happens, it’s a weird error from okru, it shows on the correct AR when you log out of your account on the Russian site, try it and you’ll see it display correctly.

  2. Ronald Wilsaphone
    December 31, 2022

    Wholly underrated film! Probably because it wasn’t the usual fair for Ferrara and people were put off by his name? Who knows?
    Still, I love it’s completely different angle of approach to the subject.
    Bonus, for me at least, was sitting behind Iggy Pop at the Anjelica in NYC when I first saw it!

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