Por la libre (2000) AKA Dust to Dust


Rocco and Rodrigo are cousins, but they’re not at all alike. Rocco is the loose one, Rodrigo’s uptight. But when their grandfather Rodrigo Carnicero dies, the two are forced to hit the road in an old car provided by the late Rodrigo and take the old man’s ashes to the sea. The cousins clash, bond and finally reach their destination. There, they have an eye-opening series of experiences as they try to fulfill their grandfather’s last wishes.

Director: Juan Carlos de Llaca. AKA Dust to Dust
Stars: Osvaldo Benavides, Rodrigo Cachero, Ana de la Reguera, Otto Sirgo, Rosa María Bianchi, Pilar Ixquic Mata, Alejandro Tommasi, Gina Morett, Alexia Witt, Emilio Cortés, Héctor Ortega, Xavier Massé, Hugo Villa.


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  1. Joe Schmooga
    January 30, 2021

    This was an EXCELLENT film. Great story and plot twist. Mucho Gracias!

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