Jesus vender tilbage (1992) AKA The Return


Jesus returns to Earth and though at first no one believes him eventually the Pope and his cardinals recognize him and seek to control him. This irreverent satire of Christianity is certain to offend most Christians.

Director: Jens Jørgen Thorsen. AKA The Return
Writer: Jens Jørgen Thorsen.
Stars: Marco Di Stefano, Johnny Melville, Jed Curtis, Jean-Michel Dagory, Benny Hansen, Jacob Haugaard, John Hahn-Petersen, Paul Hagen, Atlanta, Hans Henrik Bærentsen, Jørgen Bidstrup, Mogens Wolf Johansen, Jim Russell, Hugo Øster Bendtsen, Marco Barfoed Ramirez, Pascal Sefusatti, Eduardo Bohr, Eric Danielsen, Pia Kock, Simon Vagn Jensen.


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