Taiyô wo nusunda otoko (1979) AKA The Man Who Stole the Sun


A high school science teacher builds an atomic bomb and uses it to extort the nation, but cannot decide what he wants. Meanwhile, a determined cop is catching up to him, as is radiation poisoning.

Director: Kazuhiko Hasegawa. AKA 太陽を盗んだ男 / The Man Who Stole the Sun
Stars: Bunta Sugawara, Kenji Sawada, Kimiko Ikegami, Kazuo Kitamura, Shigeru Kôyama, Kei Satô, Yûnosuke Itô.


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  1. Jonathan Shapiro
    May 5, 2020

    Co-written by the late Leonard Schrader (MISHIMA, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, BLUE COLLAR)

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