Petrolejové lampy (1971) AKA Oil Lamps


In 1900, Stepha, the vivacious 30 year old daughter of a wealthy couple, agrees to marry her cousin Paul, who has accumulated large debts as an Austrian army officer. Paul refuses to work or to consummate the marriage, and then his health steadily declines.

Director: Juraj Herz. AKA Oil Lamps
Stars: Iva Janzurová, Petr Cepek, Marie Rosulková, Marie Rosulková, Vladimir Jedenáctik, Karel Chromík, Jana Plichtová, Evelyna Steimarová, Karel Cernoch, Stanislav Remunda, Jan Schánilec, Míla Myslíková, Josef Cervinka, Karel Augusta, Václav Vondrácek, Marie Hübschová, Václav Halama.

1972 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme D’Or.


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  1. Lemmy
    May 17, 2020

    Another gem, Jon! Thanks!

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