Once to Every Woman (1934)


Columbia’s Once to Every Woman was the first of A. J. Cronin’s medical novels to be adapted for the screen. The drama of the piece hinges on the conflict between brilliant young surgeon Barclay and crusty hospital head Dr. Selby. On another, less-crucial front, Barclay and playboy physician Preston vie for the attentions of pretty nurse Miss Farnshawe. The story comes to a tension-laden climax as Barclay prepares for a delicate brain operation — a revolutionary procedure which has been opposed by Dr. Selby throughout the picture. Once to Every Woman was scripted by frequent Frank Capra collaborator Jo Swerling.

Director: Lambert Hillyer.
Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Fay Wray, Walter Connolly, Walter Byron, Mary Carlisle, J. Farrell MacDonald, Ben Alexander, Billie Seward, Georgia Caine, Kathrin Clare Ward, Mary Foy, Sheila Darcy, Leila Bennett, Jane Darwell, Nora Cecil, Edward LeSaint.


Note: Many thanks to Dylan for sending me a copy of this movie, it was recorded off of a TV airing from earlier this month, the print they used is a 4K restoration also done recently, superb quality.

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