L’ange et la femme (1977) AKA The Angel and the Woman


Fabienne, a young woman, is taken to the country woods by a group of men and shot to death. Her body is found by Gabriel, an angel who restores her life. He brings her to a cabin on the mountain. They fall in love and live together in isolation. Fabienne has no memory of her past but learns to live again with grace and beauty under the care of Gabriel. For reasons she doesn’t understand, she longs to return to the city, and on the fateful day she wanders away from the protection and beauty of angelic life, she encounters the men who murdered her.

Director: Gilles Carle. AKA The Angel and the Woman
Stars: Carole Laure, Lewis Furey, Jean Comptois, Joe Elsnor, Conrad Peterson, Conrad Peterson, Stephen Lack, Pierre Giard, Stefan Wohl, David Caissey, Réal Belzé-Belval, J. Léo Gagnon, Jeanne Gagnon, David Shimo, Georges Lévesque, Stephan Jenny.


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  1. Sono
    August 3, 2021

    The 3 best minutes (even for some pudic people, labelled controversial) are missing… making it a quite ordinary movie; and for those preferring LIVING: a pure waste of time.

    • Jon W.
      August 4, 2021

      I haven’t seen this so I can’t comment on the movie but yeah I heard there’s an uncut copy out there but can’t find it anywhere, I hope it will turn up someday.

  2. M.Rozencwajg
    August 22, 2023

    captivating even before one viewing figures out whats going on_highly recommended!

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