Down in San Diego (1941)


A group of neighborhood teenagers discover some suspicious goings-on near a naval base in San Diego, and suspect that a foreign espionage ring is at work trying to find out military secrets.

Director: Robert B. Sinclair.
Stars: Bonita Granville, Ray McDonald, Dan Dailey, Leo Gorcey, Charles Smith, Dorothy Morris, Rudolph Anders Joe Sawyer, Anthony Warde, Stanley Clements, Henry O’Neill, William Tannen.


Many thanks to James for sending me a copy of this movie.

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  1. November 25, 2022

    This movie is pretty good .and Leo Gorcey,Ray MacDonald and Dan Dailey were all great..but I only have two critiques about”Down In San Diego”(1941)-is that Dan Dailey shouldn’t have died at the end .he should’ve not just aurvived-but he should’ve come out the Hero by beating up all the criminals who’d blackmailed him into going back to a life of crime..and since both Dan Dailey and Ray MacDonald were both excellent tapdancers-and had both been featured Hoofers in the 1937 Rogers and Hart Broadway musical”Babes In Arms”-and since they both played brothers in”Down In San Diego”:I really think they both should’ve tapdancer together in this movie-and just made it a 1941 musical with a “crime Comedy”element instead. That is my input!!

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