Cuore di cane (1976) AKA Dog's Heart


Based on a novel by Michail Bulgakov. Set in the early years of the Russian Revolution, a scientist turns a dog into a man.

Director: Alberto Lattuada. AKA Dog’s Heart.
Stars: Max Von Sydow, Eleonora Giorgi, Mario Adorf, Gina Rovere, Cochi Ponzoni, Vadim Glowna, Rena Niehaus, Enzo Robutti, Violetta Chiarini, Amerigo Tot, Ilona Staller, Giuliano Petrelli.


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  1. Jon W.
    March 19, 2020

    RIP Max Von Sydow (April 10, 1929 – March 8, 2020).

  2. Darian
    April 12, 2021

    Being a big fan of Sydow and the source material this was on my watch list for a long time and I wasn’t let down it’s a good adaptation and the chemistry between the main three actors made this a very entertaining watch

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