Spontaneous Combustion (1990) [Rough Cut]


A young man finds out that his parents had been used in an atomic-weapons experiment shortly before he was born, and that the results have had some unexpected effects on him.

Director: Tobe Hooper.
Stars: Brad Dourif, Cynthia Bain, Jon Cypher, William Prince, Melinda Dillon, Dey Young, Tegan West, Michael Keys Hall, Dale Dye, Dick Butkus, Joe Mays, Stacy Edwards, Brian Bremer, Frank Whiteman, Judy Prescott.


From the guy who I got this from:
“The salvageable remains of Tobe Hooper’s original vision of the film SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. Taken and sutured from a VHS of rough cut elements, edited to include some intertitles denoting missing and/or unfilmed scenes, with the shooting script used as a source.  At three moments, using my own judgment, I’ve overlaid script excerpts over the image to assist in understanding”.

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  1. Jonathan Shapiro
    February 17, 2020

    Keep the rough cuts coming! I know there are good ones out there for Rocky V and Hard Target

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