Meshi (1951) AKA Repast


Michiyo moved to Osaka two years ago, when her husband Hatsunosuke who works at a stock brokerage was transfered from Tokyo. She wash, cook and clean 365 days a year. All the dreams and hopes she had when they got married five years ago seems to be gone. From here on we follow the everyday life of Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto.

Director: Mikio Naruse. AKA めし / Repast
Stars: Ken Uehara, Setsuko Hara, Yukiko Shimazaki, Yôko Sugi, Akiko Kazami, Haruko Sugimura, Ranko Hanai, Hiroshi Nihon’yanagi, Keiju Kobayashi, Chieko Nakakita, Mitsue Tachibana, Kumeko Urabe, Hisako Takihana.


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  1. Michael Whiteway
    January 18, 2022

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for making all these Naruse masterpieces

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