Meoto zenzai (1955) AKA ‎Marital Relations


Ryukichi, the young master of a cosmetic wholesale dealer, leaves his wife and child to live with Choko, a popular geisha, with whom he has fallen in love. As a result, he is disowned by his father. For the sake of Ryukichi, who knows no trade by which he can support the two, Choko has to remain working as a geisha. Ryukichi, however, cannot break himself of his play-boy habits and spends Choko’s savings, which she had intended to use as capital to start a business…

Director: Shirō Toyoda. AKA ‎Marital Relations / 夫婦善哉
Stars: Hisaya Morishige, Chikage Awashima, Yoko Tsukasa, Chieko Naniwa, Haruo Tanaka.


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