The Ascent (1994)


A highly fictionalized real-life adventure of an Italian soldier who escapes a British prisoner-of-war camp to climb the challenging 17,000-foot Mt. Kenya and plant the Italian flag on the summit. The obsessive British camp commander pursues him, and the two men are locked in a battle of wills, fueled by honor and their love for the same woman.

Director: Donald Shebib.
Stars: Vincent Spano, Ben Cross, Tony Lo Bianco, Rachel Ward, Mark Ingall, John De Veillers, Joe Valadez, Jon Freeman, Rico Vanden Hurck, Kenneth Mason, Nigel Kynaston, Rodrigo S. Lacruz, Leslie Cardillo, Rory McGuinness, Asiba Asiba.


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  1. H2S
    May 4, 2020

    Wait a minute ! :-O
    This is the same story as 1953 movie “No picnic at Mount Kenya” i was requiring on chat room !
    This site truly holds a thousand surprises! 😀
    Too bad this come without subtitles……..anychance, someone out there? 🙁
    Thanx anyway !!

  2. July 11, 2022

    There exists another movie with the same title – Ukrainian director Larisa Shepitko’s masterpiece, a Soviet movie produced in 1977. Larisa’s THE ASCENT is on my ten best films ever list. Unfortunately it was her last movie – she died in a car accident two years later.. WINGS is another notable 1966 Shepitko’s movie.

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