The Darker Side of Terror (1979)


When a scientist at a research lab is passed over for a promotion, he creates a clone of himself to attempt to seduce the wife of the man who got the job.

Director: Gus Trikonis.
Stars: Robert Forster, Adrienne Barbeau, Ray Milland, David Sheiner, John Lehne, Denise DuBarry, Jack De Mave, Thomas Bellin, Heather Hobbs, Eddie Quillan, Raye Sheffield, Russell Shannon, James Nolan, Madeleine Shaner, Johnny Hock.


Note: Transfer from a Norwegian VHS, hence it comes with embedded subtitles in Norwegian.

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  1. Jon W.
    October 19, 2019

    RIP Robert Forster (July 13, 1941 – October 11, 2019)

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