Club de femmes (1936)


The Club de Femmes (Girl’s Club) of the title refers to a Parisian boarding house, populated in its entirety by beautiful, unwed damsels. The rules of the club are quite strict, with chaperones making certain that the ladies keep a safe and respectable distance between themselves and their gentleman callers. But the mischievous Claire is determined to enjoy a rendezvous with her sweetheart Robert, and to that end she talks him into disguising himself as a woman. 

Director: Jacques Deval.
Stars: Danielle Darrieux, Betty Stockfeld, Else Argal, Raymond Galle, Ève Francis, Valentine Tessier, Josette Day, Junie Astor, Kissa Kouprine, Marion Delbo, Martine Mouneyres, Carol Royce, Marie-Claire Pissaro, Elisa Ruis.


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